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Welcome to Hope Church

We live out our Mission by knowing and loving God and His people, reaching out to and enfolding the searching and hurting, and being and forming more committed disciples.

  • We gather as a community each Sunday to worship God in a way which praises God for his faithfulness, fill our hearts with God's love, and teaches our minds the wisdom of Scripture.

  • We offer food and friendship on Sunday mornings and throughout the week.  Join us at the weekly Hope Cafe.  Coffee and Fellowship and the monthly FirstHope Community Meal.

  • Family-friendly environment … nursery, children’s worship, children and youth activities, and adult discipleship opportunities designed to help you find your purpose in life!

Saturday Stirrings

"What Does Your Name Mean?"

Pastor Bill Te Winkle | March 3, 2018

If you walked into some local watering hole in northern Minnesota you probably couldn’t pick him out of the crowd. For many years he would have liked it that way.  You see, this was the guy who failed in the critical moment.  Those who follow the sport of curling closely would recognize him, though. They would recognize John Shuster, in the years before 2018. They would go over to the other end of the bar and tell a few stories at John’s expense. Stories about how he performed well in 2006, but in 2010 and 2014 he failed.   “It got so bad that the word ‘shuster’ was added to the Urban Dictionary. (Definition? ‘A verb meaning to fail to meet expectations, particularly at a moment critical for success or even slightly respectable results, ... read more