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Household Prayer: Morning

Persistent God, as the day begins and the light increases, let me drink deeply of your grace. As the day unfolds, when my heart strays from you, call me back to this moment. Come after me as surely as a woman searches for treasure lost. If I am deaf and satisfied, if I resent the needs of others, blow strong against me.  Do not leave me in my foolishness— for I would have your mercy flow from me: I would be a refuge for those who wander; I would lend my heart to celebrations; I would speak your name. Amen.



Household Prayer: Evening

Patient, persistent God, I offer the day-that-has-been to you, knowing that I was not alone, even when I wandered and filled my heart with noise. As darkness falls, as I yield to sleep, seek me again in my dreams. Call to me in ways beyond my knowing that I might find the strength to feed your people, that I might live, again, to call your name, that I might know the joy of every stranger headed home. For the mercy of the Christ will sustain me and the power of the Spirit send me forth. Amen. 







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