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Household Prayer: Morning

God of the living, from whom all blessings flow, I welcome a new day with thanksgiving because you have cared for me through the night. Wherever you send me today, whomsoever I meet, be in my going and my meeting. Grant me wisdom to cherish what you give me and generosity to share what I receive. Fill me with the Spirit so that I may show courage, kindness, and a sense of humor in the face of the day’s hardships. In Christ’s peace, may I withhold harsh judgment against those who would do me harm. Show me ways that I may serve you throughout the day and into the night so that, waking or sleeping, I live for you; in the name of the Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.



Household Prayer: Evening

Ancient of days, these hours of light are passing into darkness. Thank you for being with me. Let me not forget the joys you put in my life today. Send your Spirit to fill my memories with comfort and peace as I prepare for the night. Where I have failed to please you, forgive me for the sake of your Son. If I have been of help to others, let them give thanks to you. May all night songs praise you; may we evening singers rejoice in your eternal   glory. And I will celebrate with your whole creation in the name of Jesus Christ when the new day that you are bringing dawns. Amen.

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