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New Creations are:


     I. Part of the ‘ekklesia’, the church, striving to be God’s holy people:

                 a. wafting a fragrance pleasing to God and an attractive aroma for their neighbors.

                 b. Never losing heart as they deliver the message of hope  


     II.  Charitable toward others in their Christian relationships:

                 a.Offering the healing power of Christlike forgiveness.


     III.  Comforted by God and God’s Word, becoming channels of comfort to others;


     IV.  Know the power of resurrection in their circumstances:

                 a.Saying ‘amen!’ through Christ to God’s resounding ‘yes’ declared in the resurrection

                 b. Experiencing grace which sets them free from the slavery of sin


     V.  Know the power of prayer for the community by participating in its prayer life.


BIG IDEA: Abounding Through Christ

Christians and their church will experience NEW CREATION through God’s comfort abounding through Christ, as they patiently awaiting with firm hope God’s delivery from every peril.


Big Idea: Pleasing Aroma

New Creations say ‘Yes’ to God as they practice forgiveness and spread the pleasing aroma of Christ to God and our neighbors.


Big Idea: Unveiled Faces

New Creations reflect God's glory in their lives as they are transformed into Christ's image, from the ordinary into the glorious! 

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