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"Chris Pratt, Stephen Colbert and Daniel's Den"

February 16, 2019
By Pastor Bill Te Winkle

I didn’t know who Chris Pratt was until he was attacked for being a Christian.  I learned he was a voice actor for the “Lego” movie series, which I will confess to watching (with my grandsons). I did know who Stephen Colbert was, mostly from reading clips from his Late Show monologues. I would not have guessed either man to be a ‘religious’ practitioner.  That’ll teach me.

Chris Pratt, a famous actor (22.9 million Instagram followers!), was being interviewed by Stephen Colbert when Chris explained that he had recently completed the Daniel Plan diet. Stephen asked, “So, is this the prophet Daniel?”  When it was confirmed that it was a diet based on that Daniel, Stephen asked Chris if life as a famous actor was like being in the Lion’s Den.  Stop for a moment and think about this.  In our secularized society, here are two famous Hollywood-types talking about Daniel and the Lion’s Den on national television. That’s more late-night TV air time for God than any church could ever afford to purchase!

Chris took that opening to talk about a clue his Pastor had given him about handling fame.  After the interview aired, an actress took to social media to attack Chris because of the beliefs of the church Chris attended. Chris’ responded with an Instagram post defending his church as being one that loved him through his divorce and, he explained, regardless, he followed the ‘New Commandment’ of Jesus to love one another. He concluded: “This is what guides me in my life. He is a God of Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness. Hate has no place in my or this world.”

And just like that, millions were exposed to the true Christianity.  Jesus warned us that it would be a bad thing if everyone spoke well of his followers. (Luke 6:26) If we speak the Truth those who oppose the work of the Church will attack us. Chris offered a model response to those attacks. God opened my eyes to see how, while it may seem that God is losing the battle for the world’s heart, nothing is ever as it seems. God is still winning. “God is love” is still a message which God is sending to millions of hungry souls.

Nice to know you, Chris. 

Pastor Bill


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2/16/19 - By Pastor Bill Te Winkle